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Installing USBPicProg software Edit

To program any PIC IC using Elementz USBPICPROG follow the given steps.

Working in Windows OS Edit

  • Install the USBPICPROG software
  • Install the required drivers for the device. The software available here: USBPic Programmer software.
  • Connect the USBPICPROG to the USB of host PC using USB A-to-B cable.
  • Open Device Manager to check whether USBPICPROG is detected.

If detected successfully we can see the symbol in the device manager as shown below

Device manager

Working in Linux OS Edit

On successful connection the IC model will be displayed at the bottom right corner of the status bar.

Refer the figure for example.

Pic program1 linux

For programming the ICs, instructions are as follows,

Open the hex file using

File –> Open

Action –> Program

Pic1 run linux

Important: Make sure user click the Run button to run the target. Otherwise, the program will not run right away if no external power is connected to the module.

Connecting to target Edit

Target connector

  • Connect the respective pins of the USB PICPROG to the PIC IC that is to be programmed. If you are using a breadboard for connecting the wires, care must be taken to ensure that the VPP/MCLR pin is connected to the VDD by a resistance(10K).
  • Or you can use Elementz USBPICPROG flasher for easy and carefree programming.
  • After completing the connection connect the USBPICPROG to the computer using a USB cable and open the USBPICPROG Software.

Program snapshot

  • Now we can see the window as in above showing “usbpicporg connected” at the bottom right corner.
  • If you have checked the “Auto detect on connect” in the Options--> preferences, then the PIC IC to be programmed will be automatically detected. Or you can check whether it has been detected using Actions--> auto detect. Wait for a few seconds for the IC to be detected. Then we can see the IC make at the bottom right corner of the window.
  • Now to program the IC open the .hex file to be loaded as File-->Open-->“example”.hex (where example.hex is the program you want to load in to the IC) and click open.

Open hex

  • The program will be uploaded to the PIC IC now. If you have checked the verify after programming column in Options-->preferences then a verification process also happens after programming. And if the programming is successful then “Verification successful” dialogue appears.

Firmware updating Edit

Programmer Configaration

Firmware Configaration